I had a relaxing long weekend in the London, from Friday to Sunday. Just shopping and afternoon tea, of course.

Quite lovely and refreshing weekend. I tried some of the new services I have recently acquired, booked a chauffeur waiting in the arrival hall in the Heathrow and hotel was the luxurious very small hotel, the Dorset Square Hotel. The car was “just” a Mercedes E-class but it seems that in the UK they seem to think that as a little bit more luxurios than a typical taxi. In Finland (and especially in the Germany) Mercedes E-class is the typical taxi. But it was fun to see the chauffeur waiting us :-)

The hotel was small and it was very old building. Everything was so well maintained that I just wonder why all the “luxurious” big chains do not maintain their hotels in the perfect condition (yes, I understand that the big ones have way more guests than the smaller ones but still …)

Weather was very nice, no rain and temperature near 10C/50F degrees. I must say that the more I visit London, the more I like it. It is so full of life and international.

Afternoon tea - on Friday during the shopping it was good decision to have a break and enjoy afternoon tea at the Harrods. A little bit disappointment because they were ignoring me almost all the time - somehow they just forgot my table. Well, this was just a small stop. The actual afternoon tea experience was at the Dorchester hotel which I had already been twice before. This was the third experience at the Dorchester and I must say that it gets better everytime. This time I was surprised by one of the member of the staff who remembered me from the last visit earlier this year. It was Christmas time also in the Dorchester so there was Christmas Carols and Christmas themed sandwiches. I was extremely satisfied with Dorchester’s afternoon tea.

What else? Heathrow is a mess if you have to fly with Finnair and you have only coach tickets and no elite membership … it takes quite a long time to check-in because you are not allowed to use British Airway’s electronic check-in kiosks. I was looking forward to visit a lounge before departure (to eat something so I could have avoided Finnair’s food) but eventually there wasn’t any spare time. Too bad.

Arrival to the Helsinki later in the evening was pretty ordinary and it was positive surprise to experience one of the lounges I have not visited before. Small but very nice. Relaxing environment in the airport.

The weekend holiday at London was a success, I really feel more relaxed as I had very much spare time to enjoy my time and think about life in general.