I am currently visiting the Bay area and attending the RSA Conference 2005. Naturally, because we are talking about me and my typical luck, it has been raining now most of the time I have been in here.

I managed to find some extra time to do some shopping and started with new golf clubs and Apple PowerBook G4. :-)

After testing my golf clubs in the range, it has rained pretty much without a break …

Conference has been interesting yet there is still some sessions, which have basicly the same message and content with some of the sessions last year. Maybe the conference committee should refresh some of the ideas related to sessions and content. Or are we Europeans just so much ahead with wireless that all of this wireless and security sounds so familiar to us?

Going to fly back to Europe through Seattle and I am currently hoping for WiFi enabled plane. Also same kind overbooking could happen also on return as when I flew over here (after all received an upgrade to business).