It seems that after all the snow is slowly melting away and spring is finally coming. One morning I actually heard birds singing. Might have been my imagination but at least something is happening after the winter. Of course it means that I have to wash my car more frequently and it still doesn’t look very clean after a day.

Also it would be a good idea to start thinking when to change summer tires but there are mornings with ice still on the roads so I think I will keep using winter tires for awhile.

I have somehow managed to be too busy - it seems that almost all the available time goes somewhere, which I am not aware. I was supposed to travel during the Easter holidays but I never managed to decide where I would like to go and when. And now it is getting a little bit late. Or at least it would be extremely expensive.

Did you know about the rumor regarding Shelby GT350H Mustangs for Hertz? The story is available here. If that is going to happen, then I am definitely going to the USA next summer to test that one.

Hmmm, summer? San Diego again? Or finally going to drive through the coastline of California and see everything?