Sunny view

Well, it turned out that it also rained in Shanghai when I arrived in Saturday morning. It was quite soft rain but lasted almost all day. But after a rainy day it is suddenly very sunny and warm on Sunday. They do say that there is always a sunny day after a rainy day. Don’t they say that? Right? Anyway … nice to see Shanghai in sunny day. This photo is taken when crossing the street going in front of the hotel. Trying to get to Jing’an Temple’s subway station. It should be near :-) Actually, I remembered quite well where it was from the last year when I browsed the neighbourhood of the hotel quite well. The subway system in Shanghai is very efficient, has aircondition and is actually extremely nice way to travel inside the city. Of course the most convient way to travel is just to take a taxi as they are so cheap that you can pretty much travel to anywhere and for any distance with them. But I do like subways … :-)