First of all - most of you already noticed that this site got a new refreshing look. I didn’t do anything special, just spent few hours for looking a new theme and finally found one. Green is more relaxing isn’t it? Also I managed to find the problems related to mobile blogging and photos being posted in wrong way (knock on wood, hopefully all the problems are gone now). Naturally the fix required that I edited most of the photos to have the correct formatting then we can say that I had really nice weekend :-)

You noticed while ago that I just spent another weekend in Shanghai. The first time was last year after the very lucky pricing error by Scandinavian Airlines. Back then it was just a quick and fun trip to do - lot of points to get and I was able to get a clue what kind of country China actually is. Many people tell me that you haven’t seen China if you haven’t seen Beijing but so far I can say that Shanghai is one of my favourite cities in the world (San Francisco, be afraid). And after almost a year I went back.

Shanghai is actually very interesting city, it is very modern and fast growing (they managed to build two skyscrapers next to my hotel in a year and also a new terminal in the airport) but it is also full of history and culture. And of course the whole Chinese culture brings something to the picture as well. I have been thinking myself as a cosmopolite but I wasn’t expecting that I would feel so home at Shanghai and so quickly. I was thinking that it must be at least a little bit of culture shock not to understand anything as most of my trips so far has been to countries where English is used quite a lot. But no, I was mistaken - I still remember how fun it was not to understand anything. I didn’t run across any problems so I didn’t get a feeling how it would feel if I would have to explain something. People were really friendly everywhere to the person who couldn’t understand anything and who didn’t know practically anything about the local culture.

I will certainly visit Shanghai and China also in the future. :-)