It has been quite cold in the recent morning, you can see that the winter is slowly arriving to Finland. I think at the moment the coldest morning during this week was when the temperature meter in my car showed +5 Celsius degrees (41 Fahrenheits) at 7:00am in one morning. It has however varied quite a much in different days, some mornings I have been able to see temperatures like +9 Celsius degrees (49 Fahrenheits) so we are in the middle of the season when the nature tries to figure out whether to turn into a winter or to stay in the summer for awhile still.

Have been quite busy but I think my photo gallery is progressing well, in the future you should be able to browse all the interesting (interesting according to me) photos from my various travels or other situations online. Stay tuned … I will post more information on that later.

Otherwise the life has been busy as usual, end of the year is coming quickly and everything needs to be finished before that. Nothing unusual in that area, quite fun actually. I am always good at working under pressure :-)