Some of you know that when you are travelling with me then you have to be prepared pretty much for anything. I have had a diversion and rough landing and all sort of technical delayes etc.

Well, it happened again. And this time I really hoped that nothing would happen and I would actually be on time in Shanghai but no … of course not with my luck.

Departed late from Tampere to Copenhagen due to late arriving aircraft. Nothing major, I had plenty of time in Copenhagen so this wasn’t going to be a problem. But in Copenhagen a few minuted before departure time they told us why they weren’t boarding the aircraft already.

The bridge had collided with the aircraft and they were trying to separate those and then check the damages on the aircraft door. This was something I didn’t want to hear - if there would be major damages then we would not be flying at all. They didn’t say it but it was pretty obvious that in the bad scenario I would be delayed quite much.

Well, the long waiting time started - it felt like months but then they announced that they were able to get the bridge off the aircraft and checked the aircraft door and it didn’t have any damage. But the bridge was now non-functional so no boarding from that gate. They started to move the aircraft slowly as the bridge was still in the same position and didn’t move very much so they had to carefully move the aircraft.

And after two hour delay, we were finally taking off. I am currently flying somewhere above the Russia airspace and hoping that one time in life the satellite phone would actually work. But of course not.

But, I am at least travelling towards Shanghai and going to spend a weekend in there. Nothing is going to stop me now.

Let’s just wish that nothing else is going to happen and everything else is going smoothly from now on. I have had enough technical problems for this weekend.