I am currently on board the SK998, from Shanghai to Copenhagen. We have just arrived to Russian airspace and left China where I was having a great weekend. It is once again time to go back to Europe, even if it would not feel like going back home.

I had a really great weekend and the late change of hotel just improved it. Can you imagine how it feels to open the curtains and see fog and clouds and nothing else? Being that high? It is quite amazing while you of course do not have any views. Grand Hyatt Shanghai was very nice hotel and provided absolutely perfect service while we were there. Nothing to complain at all. The view is very nice and service just complements the view.

Now it is just time to sit back, have few movies and a little bit of sleep - maybe with a few cups of espresso :-) It is still nice to see that Connexion is working at least in this route and I can be online for awhile (and it is free and Boeing is shutting down the service).

Maybe I will go and check the Godiva chocolate storage …