Well, I decided to write something about the vacation in Germany. It was a good idea to spend my winter vacation somewhere outside of Finland and because it has been quite a long time since I last visited Germany and Berlin is also always a nice place then that was the choice. The trip included a visit to Munich to see the famous Disney castle, which is actually Neuschanwanstein castle.

I was surprised how easily everything turned out while neither one of us actually speaks German (I know few words) but generally everything went really nice.

And of course if you are driving in Germany, you have to try the autobahns - driving very fast is always somewhat fun. I was surprised that there was unlimited speed areas still in use in certain parts of the autobahns while it was raining and the weather was not the best possible (you can see it in some of the photos, it is raining a combination of water and snow). Well, everything went really nicely and we were able to get to the castle from the airport and back to the hotel in a day.

In Munich, the hotel choice was Dorint Sofitel Bayerpost, a really nice and very modern hotel. For example, all the elevators and doors were operated with RFID cards and elevators for example knew your floor by just reading the card. The rooms were also decorated very modern way and I must say that I was very positively surprised about this hotel. First time for me with Sofitel and definitely not the last.

I haven’t flown with Lufthansa for a very long time but now the trip contained two flights with them and I must say that while Scandinavian Airlines just seems to reduce their service level, then Lufthansa has managed to keep up their level and is providing very punctual and efficient service.

The weather in Germany was of course quite a much warmer compared to Finland and especially of that -26 Celsius degrees (-14.8 Fahrenheit degrees) cold weather, which was waiting when it was time to come back to Finland.

Short vacations in Europe are very nice and relaxing. And you can fly pretty much anywhere in Europe within few hours. Well, almost … usually you have to make a connection somewhere along the way and it brings more waiting time. But as you know, I love airports :-D