Today bunch of guys from the office went to the driving school organised by Honda. It was arranged in the Nokian Tires test track nearby and offered excellent environment for some serious driving skill learning. The usual “Avoid the moose” and break on the slippery road was included and I must say that after you try to break hard on the slippery road and also steer the car and your speed is above 90 kph then it gets a little bit difficult.

We had also a nice collection of different Honda cars in there including both Civics, both Accords and CR-V. I must say that I was surprised about the CR-V, it was handling very nicely for being a SUV.

Guess who forgot to bring his camera with him? Yep, me. I brought the camera with me to the office but left it there. Silly me but of course I was driving most of the time so I wouldn’t be able to take so many photos anyway.