Today I chatted with a friend about travelling and I decided to try to calculate the destinations - I am still quite new on the travelling side so I do not have any really interesting places and I do not have many destinations yet.

But so far I have visited USA 16 times, mainly cities San Diego and San Francisco but also Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and Atlanta. I have visited China three times (only Shanghai), I have visited Russia twice (only St. Petersburg) and I have once visited Ukraine (Kiev). Those are easy … these countries either give you a stamp into your passport or they require a visa (and will stamp it) so it was easy to do the basic calculations :-)

The difficult part is to calculate the European countries, which do not give any proof … three times France, three times Germany, few times Sweden, quite many times UK. This is the part, which is extremely difficult to keep track of unless you are keeping your visits in some sort of diary … which I haven’t been doing.

And I still lack the some of the counties I would like to visit, I just have to keep going on and add countries to my list.

And by the way, I didn’t calculate cities/countries where I have only visited in the airport or very shortly without a good chance to see the city.