I finally met the next step of the frequent flyers. I almost missed my plane :-D The typical story, left from too late and then arrived after the check-in was already closed, of course I haven’t actually adopted to the new security regulations and I still carry liquid bottles larger than 100ml (mainly my shampoo). I actually had checked-in already day before online but I wanted to check my luggage too … a slight problem but I happened to find a member of airline staff to do that for me still.

And for some reason the belt, which didn’t cause any kind of problem on the two previous trips now caused an alarm in the metal detector. They must have adjusted that.

Otherwise the trip was fine although quite busy. I managed to see London and surrounding areas basically only through a car window but that is how it usually goes when traveling for business purposes. The weather in UK was really great and warm, on a first day a slightly cloudy but still warm enough for a Finn who travels there from a weather about 15 Celsius degrees colder.