Recently I tried a new restaurant called Wok Wok with a friend. It is an Asian cuisine fast food restaurant. Food was quite ordinary what you find in Finland and is cooked in Asian style but not quite what you find for example in China. My biggest complain would be the microwave owens but of course the restaurant is fast food restaurant.

And when I was last time in Münich, we actually dined in the hotel restaurant called Bistro Suzie W. Located at the Sofitel Dorint Münich right in the city center and is a restaurant where Asian and European cuisine actually meet in the same restaurant. The most interesting thing is Bento Box where you can pick whatever you would like to eat and they will cook it for you then.

And now I just have to find a nice restaurant in Finland, which cooks delicious dumplings. First I have to find any restaurant serving dumplings. :-D