I think I recently found a perfect example of perfect love. Well, it was in the movie so it is kind of fictional but it still describes it very well in my opinion.

Kung Fu Hustle describes the situation where young girl was saved from some bullies by one brave young boy and she remembers it forever. She has kept the lollipop, which the bullies tried to steal, in a box and she clearly tries to find her lost love. The boy has turned bad and is now himself bullying others. Still when the girl finally finds him, she believes in good side of him and after all there is a happy ending.

The movie uses an old mandarin classic “Zhi Yao Wei Ni Huo Yi Tian” from the 1970’s in all scenes where the boy and a girl meet each other during the movie. The song tells a story about a girl’s unforgettable memory of someone she once loved and finds herself wanting to live for him again, even for just one day. I think that constitutes very well as being the description of perfect love.

At least that is what I am looking for.