Yesterday I visited a close friend to whom I have promised to visit so many times already. Well, finally I actually did that. Of course being me I had some difficulties to actually navigate myself there as it seems that the area in Ylöjärvi develops very much at the moment and new roads and houses are built everywhere. But finally I managed to make all the correct turns and found their house.

It was very relaxing Saturday, we had a nice meal and we were able to see how much fun the little kids can have in the sunny day (which was supposed to be rainy) when there is just some water around them to play with. Sometimes it would be nice to be little kid again as the life is certainly much more fun during that time.

One of the best parts was dumplings. I certainly need to find those now also to my fridge and also the steamer box. It can be a little bit challenge in Finland but I have now some pointers where to look.