Recently I have been again spending some time in the air. Last week I visited Paris for a day (morning flight there and evening flight back) and yesterday I spent a day in Brussels. These quick trips are fun especially because I still like to fly but of course you do not see very much about the city when visiting only briefly the city. It was my first time in Brussels and I can pretty much tell you about the airport. But these work related trips are not about sightseeing so I need to return to these cities later again to actually see and experience them.

When I was flying back to Helsinki yesterday evening we started to land and during the approach we flew through a thunderstorm and storm clouds - suddenly there was a bright flash and quite odd sound, kind of rattling. Some of the lights inside the airplane blinked for some time and then everything was back to normal. Later my colleague who was seated near the wing told me that he was able to see the strike to the wing - we actually were hit by a lightning. Well, now I have experienced that.