I have had so much fun during the weekend; on Friday it started with a visit to friends who just got finished their smoke sauna. It was very nice experience, I haven’t been in smoke sauna for many years.

On Saturday there was a visit to Pori Jazz festival in the program, due to the different schedules we actually didn’t go there until the afternoon but then spent almost whole night there. Pori is quite close to Tampere so it is easy and very nice drive there.

We wanted to see the festivals and get a glimpse to the world of jazz. Pori Jazz has both free of charge and non-free concerts and at least this year the main event in Kirjurinluoto was sold on many nights so we just concentrated the Jazz Street and free of charge concert along that street. The stage along the Jazz Street featured Jippu on Saturday night. The weather was sunny and provided the best for the visitor during that day.

The evening turned into a night and continued in the Voodoocity, which then featured another kind of music more into the younger people’s taste, orchestrated by DJs.

And on the positive side, it was very quiet drive back to Tampere between 3am and 4am - you were only able to see few cars on the highway and most of the time it was just you, a car, a highway and a sleeping passenger. :-) I like the quiet and peaceful drives during the night, of course as long as you don’t feel sleepy yourself while driving.

And I just came back from visiting my family from the summer cottage - it was time to celebrate my little sister’s birthday.

Very nice weekend with lots of different things happening.