And once again we have a new season of The Amazing Race, this time Season 7. This season will not take the contestants to the Asia very much, the only country they will visit in Asia is India; also Europe isn’t visited very extensively this season.

Amazing Race is quite interesting tv serie for someone who loves travelling. It provides the typical reality tv excitement when you can follow how people react on different kind of situations but you can also see selected (by the production team) views from different cultures. It of course doesn’t provide very good idea about different cultures and countries as these are just selected ones and selected for the purpose of the viewers. We all love to see how the contestants are in trouble with different cultures.

Anyway, it is a lot of fun and in the previous season they actually visited some of the locations in Shanghai, which were familiar to me and it was funny to see how they stumbled to some of the stereotype challenges in China. Let’s hope this season will be at least as good as the previous one - it of course will depend heavily on the contestants and their personalities. And of course the tasks they need to do in each location they visit.

Something to watch on Sunday evenings. :-D