You travel in different countries for years without too many problems. You have one diversion to the backup airport with the emergency fire trucks deployed because of malfunction in flaps and extraordinary faster landing but nothing major happens ever. You have the usual delays and cancellations and sometimes you divert back to your departure airport because of the technical problem in the air plane.

And then you lose your luggage. And of course you would need that luggage. I have been checking my smaller bag because of the new security rules and because it is still very convenient way to travel. I don’t like to drag my bag behind me in every airport just for fun of it when the airline can do it for me and transfer it from one air plane to another. I knew that eventually because of the laws of statistics, this will happen and I am sure I have been very lucky.

And now they don’t have any clue where my bag is. Filed a delayed luggage report and it doesn’t bring any information at this time. They just don’t know anything of it. The best advice was to wait until noon so the reports will be updated but I am actually leaving the country back to home this evening so most likely my bag doesn’t reach me and then it starts to get complicated.

It is good to have some insurance with you so you can at least get around the major problems. Well, let’s see how this turns around and if we have a happy ending in this story or not.