Well, as I told you they didn’t manage to deliver my luggage in the same plane with me when I was flying to London. I guess it was a combination from delayed incoming flight from Tampere and the bad weather in Helsinki area. By the way, it was the first time I have experienced such a delay in a flight between Tampere and Helsinki and that we have to actually queue before landing to Helsinki. And then again queue before being able to take-off from Helsinki. Well, that can happen and is part of flying.

In London they promised me that my luggage would be at my hotel on the next morning before my meeting. I didn’t believe that so I headed to the Oxford Street and Bond Street for some shopping. And I was right, on Tuesday afternoon they didn’t have clear view where my luggage is, they guessed it would be still in Helsinki. With that information, I just informed them to stop my luggage to Helsinki because I was about to fly back to Finland in few hours and it would be best if they would then load the luggage to the same plane with me to Tampere.

In Helsinki they searched my luggage and found out that it was flown to London the same morning. :-(

But of course it is just fair to let the luggage to see the London too. And it arrived safely back to Finland on Thursday.