Jin Mao Tower

I have been organising my photo archives. Just putting photos to correct folders and selecting the best photos, writing down the details for the photos and so on. Something everyone does and something everyone also usually skips when it is supposed to do and does only when it is already getting too late (so you will have just way too much work in that, why do that kind of task when it would be easy?).

This photo was taken in September 2006 when I visited Shanghai for the second time in my life. It is taken at The Bund standing on the Pudong side, towards the Jin Mao Tower (in the middle next to the Shanghai World Financial Center being built). During that trip, I visited the Jin Mao Tower or actually Grand Hyatt Shanghai to have a nice view over the city from the Cloud 9 restaurant. At that time, I didn’t yet know that I will be coming back to that same building I am now looking in this photo. I stayed on my next trip in the Grand Hyatt Shanghai as you have learned from my blog.

The Jin Mao Tower is somewhat special place for me, I just fell in love with the building from the first moment. I have always been huge fan of atriums and Grand Hyatt hotel located inside the tower has just one of the most beautiful and perfect atriums I have seen.

88 floors, 420.5 meters tall building, which has now been surpassed by the Shanghai World Financial Center. Grand Hyatt hotel is located on the top of the building, the lobby is located on the floor 54 and there are some interesting facts about this hotel. First of all, it is the highest hotel in the world (in terms of distance from the ground). There is the world’s longest laundry chute. :-D Also the hotel has the world’s highest bar (higher restaurants exist), Cloud 9, which is always worth the visit if you are in Shanghai. And don’t forget to see the atrium, it is very amazing and I couldn’t walk between the hotel room and elevator without stopping to admire the view.

I should really plan my next visit to China, I have been away for too long time now.