All begun one week ago when Russian embassy rejected my visa application because they detected that my passport is broken. It caused that I needed to apply for the new passport and then get my Chinese visa to be transferred to the new passport. And everything inside two weeks.

I applied for express passport, which is delivered in one day but must be picked up either in Helsinki or Helsinki-Vantaa airport - I chose to pick it up at the airport and then stay overnight in the new Hilton located at the airport. Next morning I drove to the embassy hoping that I could get my visa transferred quickly but I already knew that they will not transfer visas but I have to apply a new one. So after discussing my options at the embassy, I chose to use the express option and surprisingly I got my new visa within 30 minutes - that is very impressive!

Of course after all of this, there wasn’t any long enough time for applying for Russian visa so I needed to skip my trip, which I was supposed to take next week. But at least I am ready to go to China next week and that was just the most important at this time.