Yesterday evening we flew from Beijing to Guangzhou. Air China did the job very well and compared to many Western airlines, which are today concentrating to cost-cutting then it is still nice to see flights like they used to be. Airline food is always airline food but I had nothing to complain with the service and food.

When I am traveling then there is usually always something happening but this time there hasn’t been much difficulties - just couple of delays with the flights but nothing major at all. Hotel in Guangzhou missed us for some reason as they were supposed to pick us from the airport but instead they put us into the taxi but then they had everything ready at the hotel and someone waiting for us in the front of the hotel. So no harm done. :-D

Traveling in China is getting easier and easier for me when I learn more about the culture and the interaction with the people. And of course learn new words. It makes a life a bit easier to be able to speak at least something. I have a long way to go still but I have learned some new sentences.