It was some time ago when I last wrote anything here - life has kept me busy but in the mean time Fangfang enjoyed her visit to Finland and was able to see Finland with her own eyes. I am pretty sure Finland left quite good impression after all. There wasn’t too cold weather, the whole Winter has been very warm and now it is already too late for Winter to come here; let’s just skip to Spring now.

While the work has been doing the good job on keeping me busy, I have been able to find some of the good ways to travel back to China. Flying is getting more and more expensive truly and flights to Asia have been running quite high all the time for some time now. It is of course partly because of the fact that people want and need to travel there - when there is demand, there is also no need to have discounts so much.

So I managed to book my first long-haul flights with Air China for the March trip. That will be interesting, so many things I haven’t done before or for a long time. For a long time I haven’t flown with Blue1 and generally I have been preferring Helsinki airport so this time I will be traveling from Tampere and to Stockholm. I haven’t done that for about a year now. And flying with Air China for a long-haul is something I haven’t done ever, just domestic flights in China. But the schedule is actually very good so it makes it quite perfect connection.

For April I managed to book the Valentine’s Day offer with SAS, instead of 80,000 points I just needed to pay 20,000 for the flights to China. And by booking them through Internet I managed to save additional 500 points. Sometimes the frequent flyer points actually come handy.

I am still in the process of getting my photos back online as I am trying to figure out the perfect way to present them. And also organize them actually to correct categories and so on.