Once again I am waiting for the next flight in Scandinavian Airlines Stockholm lounge. There is plenty of time until the next flight to Beijing. I used to spend quite much time in this lounge but then there was a time when I didn’t travel so much with SAS or at least wasn’t able to use their lounge. Now I am back. :-D

When I travel to China this much, the flying just becomes one form of the transportation. It is just like taking a bus somewhere. Just quite much longer. Flying hasn’t been anything fabulous for some time now but it isn’t annoying either. I feel quite much like being at home on board, I guess I have just got used to the whole flying. Sometimes there are some really fabulous experiences while flying but it looks like the next flight will be just ordinary Economy flight, I got lucky and got an upgrade on the previous flight, which was nice but the next one and at the same time the longest one seems to survive without my help. Oh well, you cannot win every time.

Maybe I will spend some time to check the movies on my next flight. :-)