Or in the air … or if we are completely correct then at the airport while writing this.

I am currently in the cloudy Frankfurt having a long layover. But I spent the time very well, I got registered to the pilot project of Automated Border Control. The registration process was easy and fast, you will register your passport and then your iris will be scanned without eyeglasses. After that you should be even able to use eyeglasses in the future scans and it did work for me. This pilot is currently available in Frankfurt airport for EU citizens and I already skipped the traditional passport control queue by using the automated process. This will again make traveling a little bit easier and faster if you travel through the Frankfurt airport and are having international flight.

Otherwise the traveling is going well so far. I wasn’t exactly jumping from the joy when I had to wake up too early (02:30) and then drive to Helsinki to catch my early flight to Frankfurt but I have time to sleep again onboard the airplane. And traffic isn’t actually any kind of problem in Finnish highways during those hours and it is already so bright outside that you don’t feel tired like if you would be doing the same during the winter time.