Funny and surprising things happen when I travel. Yesterday was extremely busy day and then I rushed to Helsinki to spend one night in the airport hotel do I could catch my early flight to Paris. And now I am sitting in the airplane waiting for the flight - already half an hour waiting because there is some heavy fog in Paris and everything is delayed in there. So, now we just wait for our slot, which might come some time in the future, let’s see.

I am pretty sure that I will miss the next flight to Bogotá and get re-routed or spend a night in Paris. Sometimes things just get wrong but for some reason it feels like all my travel is always like this. I wonder why? Just my luck?

Tip of the day: don’t travel in the same flight with me if you don’t like to be re-routed/delayed/end up to different place you were supposed to/or something else. :-D