The previous post was about the fog in Paris. What exactly happened? I didn’t yet have time to describe it earlier but here it comes. Well, the whole airplane indeed spend some extra time in the Helsinki-Vantaa airport to wait the permission to fly to Paris. Paris was heavily affected by the fog, which was still visible in there when we finally got there after being 1.5 hours late. Without saying, it was obvious that the next flight left at the same time we landed. Air France tried to offer us a flight next day, which would have meant that there is no way to get into the important meeting in time. A little bit more investigation and pressure for them (Air France booked tickets actually helped quite a much, story would have been different with Finnair booked tickets) and they found something, which they told us in very careful matter - let’s say, almost scared. Something they called crazy plan but for their complete surprise we accepted it. Get transited to London and then to New York and then to Bogotá, we would arrive to the final destination at 5:30 in the morning. Nice!

So, you get to your final destination after traveling 32 hours. I must say that it was my shortest visit to USA ever, and yes, we had to go through immigration and customs. I have a new stamp from USA now in my passport while I didn’t get off the airport at all. And after spending 12 hours in the Bogotá, it was time to travel back to Europe and back to Finland. The return flight actually went smoothly and after 3 days without a proper sleep it was quite nice feeling to find a bed again at home.

Flying can be really fun sometimes. :-D