Well, we got hit by the snow storm during the yesterday. Nothing too dramatic but quite a strong wind at the same time, which caused lots of delays to happen in our airports. Which in turn … are still affecting our flights during today, the day I am supposed to fly. See the pattern here? It is always happening when I am supposed to fly. Today they have canceled already two flights before my flight so I hope the flight will departure today on time so I can catch my next flight.

Haha, I am so used to all of this that it even doesn’t cause me stress any longer. When I am flying then most likely everything will go badly. Hmm, when did I have the previous non-eventful flight? I cannot remember, the past one year has been full of different kind of delays or problems. When it is about the fog or snow storm, when it is about some technical problems. Always delays. More time to spend at the airport. :-D