We have been living in the countryside for some time now. So what does it mean in practice? Hmmm … nothing? We have cable-TV, there are some bigger grocery shops in here and everything works just like you would expect them to work in the city. Actually, we have something the city people do not have. We do not have a real post office but local shop is acting as a post office and that means that our “post office” is open longer than many post offices in the city. Open even during the Sunday. :-D

But this morning we got one reminder what does the countryside living mean in practice. We got a power outage! Apparently a small animal caused it, maybe a bird hit the power line or something like that. But the electricity went out in the morning and there we were without electricity. After couple of minutes we received text messages from our electricity company informing that they are now aware about the situation and while I plugged our mobile Internet modem (ZTE中兴) and opened the electricity company’s website we already saw all the places which were out of the electricity in their map. Pretty impressive. And it was also nice to notice that the break was actually very short one, after about 45 minutes we already had electricity.

This reminds me that we should get some candles and flashlights for the Winter, maybe we will get some Autumn or Winter storms and then it might take longer time to fix all the problems. And besides, living in the countryside means that you should have candles at home. I think I read it in some guidebook. :-D