Sometimes it is a bit challenging to get online, especially when travelling. We have spare unlocked iPhones with us but we were missing some Chinese SIM cards. China Unicom was natural choice because they are having a 3G WCDMA network and also they will be iPhone operator so settings will be already in the phone.

We visited big China Unicom office where they were happy to sell a subscription but wanted a guarantee. Unfortunately the ATM outside of this office for some reason didn’t like our cards so we skipped the contract as it was lunch time anyway. After the lunch we visited the local HQ for China Unicom and learned that they are out of SIM cards. They told us to come back next day (Sunday).

The next morning they were still out of SIM cards but estimated that shipment would arrive on afternoon. In the afternoon they got two 3G SIM cards! And we got one of those. :-D

And I think I figured out why it was a little bit difficult process, 3G isn’t yet launched (Yahoo news article about this) so no wonder they were running out of SIM cards and also process was a bit unknown for them.

But, in the end, it works well and I am back online. 谢谢大姐。