What happens with me before the usual business trip? Today is Sunday and I will be traveling on Tuesday, so it would be good time to check that everything would be good to go. Okay … I rather watch TV, there is Best of Top Gear running on BBC. :-D

What is the point of having an airport in the local area if you cannot use it? This time the flights from Tampere were about 2-3 times more expensive than from Helsinki, not exactly cheap in my opinion. So the good option is to drive to Helsinki airport and start the flying from there. The bad thing is that my flight back to Finland will land at 23:00 to Helsinki and then I need to drive back home. Positive thing is that driving by night is quite okay and the road is going to be quite quiet and nice without much traffic.

Quick trip like this (Tuesday, driving to Helsinki, flying to Prague via Vienna; staying overnight, having meeting during Wednesday and then flying all the evening back to Helsinki via Münich and then driving to home during midnight) doesn’t require that much preparation. I basically just need to make sure the suite is looking good and I have some clean shirts, and ironed. Which reminds me that maybe it would be good idea to check if shirts require ironing.

Oh, another Best of Top Gear episode … maybe I will watch it first.