This time something very boring, post about technical stuff. :-D

Guess Who Am I and Fangcaoxin have moved, they have stayed the whole existence with DreamHost but it was time to get them renewed completely. First they got a new look (new Twenty Ten from WordPress 3.0) and then new home. The new home was found from VPS.NET and at the same time we moved our CDN from Amazon to Akamai. Hopefully, after all of these changes, the websites will be also quite much faster for our visitors from Asia (mainly China and South Korea). was originally registered on November 2005 and was registered on August 2008. Both started their lives on DreamHost, moved from shared hosting to the Private Server, got upgraded many times and also took some of the optimizations into use (W3 Total Cache and XCache for example). In the end they were also running Amazon CloudFront as their CDN.

Well, we have relatives in China who enjoy our blogs (mainly they enjoy Fangfang’s blog as I am rather boring and do not post as often as my wife) and also photos about our life in Finland. Lost of photos online will usually result some kind of performance problem and eventually you end up looking for a CDN.

I was looking for faster CDN, which would have better presence (especially in Asia) as well. We had started from CacheFly, switched to Amazon CloudFront and I had tested also CloudFiles but nothing looked exactly like I wanted. But then I came across with quite interesting option, there would be possibility to purchase Akamai through VPS.NET and as everyone know, Akamai is the king of the CDNs. I signed up and noticed how much better Akamai is but what I noticed at the same time was how good was VPS.NET experience. Quite refreshing in today’s Internet so I tested a little bit to see how good they would be as a VPS.

And results was that I moved our blogs to VPS.NET. Now we are happily running one VPS hosting our blogs and another running our databases (powered with Fusion-io power). And our blogs really fly nowadays, we basically cut our load times to half.

And I have been testing with all the possible testing sites also the speeds from mainland China and it looks very good. Some might argue that our load times are better because the blogs are now located in Europe, which is partly true as it will give us benefit when we are writing new posts but main difference is also coming from the fact that VPS.NET is very well connected to Internet.

Why work so much just for two personal blogs? One reason is to make everyone happy, Fangfang can update her blog more often and more easily when it is fast and responsive. We will also get (hopefully) more visitors because our blogs are faster. And everyone in the family are able to see what we are doing and they do not have to wait until they get bored to see our newest photos.

And this is an interesting hobby …

I told you, this is boring post. Technical stuff. :-D