It is Spring time in Finland but what typically happens is that people start complaining how snow isn’t melting fast enough and how weather is bad and so on. Why? Weather is something you rarely can control so why not just take it as it is?

I gave up all kind of weather complaining couple of years ago and feel it is quite nice and peaceful nowadays. All different kind of weather has it’s benefits but also it’s bad sides. I personally do not appreciate too much sunshine because it makes me feel tired but correct amount of sunshine is pleasant and nice. Same goes to other styles, raining, cloudy and snowing. Most of the people know that I would prefer heavy rain (typical Autumn weather) and dark season but you cannot have that every single day - and it would become extremely boring if you would have that always.

One nice thing about living in a country having clear four seasons is that you rarely get bored with the weather. It can change rapidly and at least you can be sure that it is different at least four times per year.

So, why not just let the weather be like it is and enjoy it? By the way, it is 2 degrees in Celsius and raining in Finland at the moment - snow is melting. Have a nice Spring and remember to enjoy the weather!