Now, bag to the belt

Drink the last cup

Soon from the top of the clouds

I can remember this country

I don’t have exact direction

I will go wherever the destiny will take me

I have pictures with me

but eyes do not meet

Father, I’m here on the other side of the world, singing pappadaduda pa duda dapa

Mother, don’t worry, yes, I will take care of myself, singing pappadaduda pa duda dapa

Above is rough translation from a new Finnish song, which has been played quite often in radio these days. It is called Maailman toisella puolen and it is from a group called Haloo Helsinki! Somehow this exactly describes my life sometimes.

And once again, about this time I have started my voyage. First to Tampere, then to Helsinki and then soon … I will drink the last cup of coffee and I will look at Finland from the top of the clouds. This day will be very long as it starts so early and it will last longer than the day in Finland, I will be going to West.