I recently got a new job, still within the same company I have been working for years but a new position and new responsibilities. Everything started nicely, it is very nice feeling when the announcement goes out and you start receiving “Congratulations” in email instantly after the announcement email - and those kept coming for quite a time and very frequently. I didn’t know that so many people actually knew me. :-)

And then my calendar started to fill … and more emails started to arrive - this time containing more and more work. I am that kind of person who actually likes this kind of life, I don’t complain at all. If it gets too quiet, I get bored. Now my days are full of activities and lots of things to handle. So far so good.

So, this is my excuse that there has been a bit less time for blogging. I will try to fix this and write more often here but past week has been busier for me while I have been handling the new tasks assigned to me. I will be back here soon!