I got a bit of tired of managing WordPress based blog, I felt like I didn’t have enough time to keep it running well enough. So, I started to look some other possibilities and found out that there are some choices for WordPress. But those didn’t work well enough and didn’t actually have the speed as their design principles. After some discussion, I got my brother Mikko interested about the idea of writing his own blog engine. And this way the Alula was born and now my blog is using this engine.

Currently there are no comments visible but let’s see if they come back in the future. But in my blog, there hasn’t been so many comments anyway. :-) Anyway, this new blog setup should be more easy to read and also faster from everywhere in the world. And it should look very good with mobile devices.

This is also the reason why you haven’t seen many updates lately, the updates have been waiting until I get the new blog ready.