Some time ago I spent five weeks travelling. The schedule was pretty much same all the weeks, I always returned back home for the weekends and spent most of the time my workdays somewhere outside of Finland. During the five weeks, I visited Dallas, Rome, Munich, Singapore and Dubai.

I did some statistics about over all of those days, I spent 91 hours 55 minutes in the airplane and 35 hours 18 minutes in the different airports. Totally 127 hours and 13 minutes for travelling from one place to another. Quite many hours in the airplanes and still what is amazing is that I didn’t and still don’t feel bored with the airplanes while I spent so many hours inside them.

During these weeks, I saw couple of new places, Singapore and Dubai, and one new airline for me during these trips was Singapore Airlines. I spent quite many times some time in London Heathrow because many of my flights were connecting there.

Some of the highlights from my trip; it was rather hot in all of the places. It was unusually hot in Rome and Munich and I think it was ordinary temperature in Singapore and Dubai but very hot for me. :-) In Dubai, it was practically impossible to walk from hotel to the office (a short few hundred meters) in the day time because it was so hot. In the evening it was almost possible and we did it couple of times. In Singapore we found really nice Chinese restaurant near our hotel where I was able to try my Mandarin skills once again.

Here are some pictures from different places from my trips.

Chinese dinner in SingaporeEnglish breakfast at Heathrow airportOur hotel from our office window