Miikka Karhuluoma

Welcome to my homepage!

You have reached my web pages and you want to learn more about me?

My name is Miikka, which is a Finnish version of English name Michael and I live in Finland. I have been told that my name could be also translated as 米可 in Chinese.

How to describe me? Let me introduce you a few quotes, which have a special meaning for me:

Agent Kay and Laura Men in Black 2

Kay: Have you ever noticed that it rains when you’re sad? Laura: Lots of people get sad when it rains.” Kay: No baby, you don’t get sad because it rains, it rains because you get sad.


Do not run - walk fast.

Han The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Life’s simple, you make choices and you don’t look back.

Will Smith, Men in Black lyrics

The good guys dress in black remember that Just in case we ever face to face and make contact

I myself

It isn’t real flying if the airtime is shorter than nine hours.

My nature is kind of an explorer - I try to be open-minded and see the new sides of the world when possible. My work is related to the technology, which sometimes takes me out of Finland but if it doesn’t then I just have to figure some other reason to travel. That is the reason why you are seeing so much posts about travelling in this web site. And photos wherever I have been traveling. Most of the time the photos are taken with my mobile phone, these days it is iPhone, and posted right away when I have connection to the Internet.

My life changed when I met Fangfang and we instantly knew that we are meant to live together forever. The only (small) problem was that she lived in China and I lived in Finland. You might say that there was a little bit distance between us but that didn’t stop us. We got to know each other despite the distance by keeping in touch with email and phone calls. And then I started to visit China much more often than before. We spent time together by traveling across the world, most of the time this meant that I was taking an airplane to China where we were able to visit Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Jiaonan - some of those cities several times. Fangfang visited Finland for a longer time while I usually visited China for a shorter vacation.

In the end of year 2007, we got engaged in Hong Kong just after the Christmas. Yes, under the stars in Victoria Peak. In the end of February we started our marriage registration process, which I wrote about in my blog too. In early April we were finishing when we got also our registration finished in Finland. Our wedding took place in Jiaonan in August, 2008.

Nowadays we are living in Finland and exploring the world together.

In August 2012, our son, Nooa, was born and he is nowadays making our lives very much different and more exciting. It is interesting to see how little child is experiencing the life and how everything is so new and unique to him.