Exploring the World

Visiting friends

Yesterday I visited a close friend to whom I have promised to visit so many times already. Well, finally I actually did that. Of course being me I had some difficulties to actually navigate myself there as it seems that the area in Ylöjärvi develops very much at the moment and new roads and houses are built everywhere. But finally I managed to make all the correct turns and found their house.

It was very relaxing Saturday, we had a nice meal and we were able to see how much fun the little kids can have in the sunny day (which was supposed to be rainy) when there is just some water around them to play with. Sometimes it would be nice to be little kid again as the life is certainly much more fun during that time.

One of the best parts was dumplings. I certainly need to find those now also to my fridge and also the steamer box. It can be a little bit challenge in Finland but I have now some pointers where to look.

Museum day

Yesterday I went to Museum Centre Vapriikki to see the China Exhibitions: Jade Princess, Pieces of China and Ni Hao. All of these exhibitions are absolutely fabulous, you can see the burial suit made from small pieces of jade and all the developments happened during Han Dynasty. Pieces of China exhibition will show the development of the China during past years, in photos. Huge collection of photos and posters presenting different aspects of life. Ni Hao presents some of the traditional Chinese dolls from two collections.

I definitely will recommend these exhibitions to everyone who are interested about Chinese culture. In addition, you can visit the other exhibitions too. Velomania presenting the history of bicycles, Hockey exhibition the hockey history in Finland and Poko Records exhibition the history of music industry in Tampere.

I had great time, the afternoon was very perfect and not just because of the museum. :-)

Cooking fish

Cooking fish

I was spending some time in the Nuuksio National Park on a work related day. After hard-working day there was time to relax a little bit and we had for example some competitions between two teams. We had competition in the following funny categories: archery, air gun shooting, fishing, water boiling and blow tube shooting. It is obvious that my team won. :-D

Some of us got bored waiting for the fish and we spent the time in the sauna. The place was just very quiet and peaceful and old hidden cottage for the former President Kekkonen. The place was very excellent, the only problem was the mosquitos, which I hate.


I got a comment in my blog regarding the golfing and I thought I might as well write something about that.

I started golfing some time ago, was it year 2003 or 2004 … at least in 2004 I have been playing in Torrey Pines so it must have been 2003 then.

Well, what has happened after that? Pretty much nothing special. Summer 2004 and summer 2005 were most probably the most active summers regarding golfing but after that the situation has turned quite quieter. Last summer I didn’t have any activity besides paying my fee for the Finnish Golf Association. This year I didn’t even pay that.

So have I stopped playing? I don’t know, I haven’t made my mind yet. I have been doing pretty much everything else but thinking about golf and what to do about it. I would at least need some practise and I am very lazy on that area, the game would be much more fun if I would practise a little bit more. At the moment my clubs are stored safely but firmly while sometimes I have been thinking about taking them to the car and driving to the practise range.

Golf is funny game, in my opinion it will require certain mood to be fun and I lost my ambition for the game sometime between 2005 and 2006. After that I haven’t been feeling a desire to get myself to the golf course and in my opinion there is no point to do that without the mood. It wouldn’t be fun at all.

I tried to find some funny golfing video from YouTube but couldn’t find one right now. :-)

Midsummer Day

Tomorrow is the Midsummer Day in Finland. The city usually gets rather quiet as most of the people will go to their summer cottages to enjoy the summer and this special celebration. I am just enjoying the extra holiday in the city and relaxing. Good to be lazy sometimes. :-)

Red colour


Lots of cancelled flights because SAS has ongoing strike in Sweden.



This is the famous dessert in the Space Needle - Lunar Orbiter. I am enjoying my last day in Seattle and decided to do something nice, like visiting the Space Needle and having brunch there.



Enjoying the sunshine in Seattle. Extremely nice weather, warm and sunny.

Smoke in Atlanta


All the greyness in the photo is actually smoke coming to Atlanta from South forest fires.