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Kung Fu Hustle

This movie has waited for sometime for the best opportunity to watch on my PVR harddisk.

Kung Fu Hustle (功夫) is once again a wǔxiá genre film just like The White Dragon, which I watched last week.

Wǔxiá genre films have a distinguished characteristics and this particular film was known that it provides quite a different kind of movie experience compared to the popular films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero.

I liked this one very much, it is quite a different compared to The White Dragon, this one is definitely much more darker and serious compared to The White Dragon. But it provides some very astonishing visual effects and it keeps you busy while following the movie.

The White Dragon

I am just watching some movies from the television, what else would you do when it is cold and a bit rainy day?

The White Dragon (aka Fei Hap Siu Baak Lung, aka The Flying Heroine: Little White Dragon) is a movie from Hong Kong which combines comedy and action. It has some really funny scenes, which actually combine for example broadband Internet and McDonald’s into the ancient martial arts in the same movie.

This is different kind of movie and is actually very refreshing compared to many others, I previously managed to see the ending only from the same channel but now on the rerun I am able to watch the whole movie from the beginning.

Winter coming back ...

Storm travelled through the Sweden during Thursday night and arrived to Finland on Friday. In Sweden it caused power outages but in Finland we just got some heavier winds and rain during the Friday. But it turned different during the night, I woke up hearing rain but when I looked out of the window, I saw something white. No, not again …

I like winter but there is a time for everything and now it should be time for spring. There is a little bit snow on the ground (you can still clearly see ground, it is not completely white) and it is currently still snowing, sort of. I hope weather would just turn back to warm.

And I caught a cold … I have been sneezing few days now but I am recovering slowly.

Recent travelling fun

I finally met the next step of the frequent flyers. I almost missed my plane :-D The typical story, left from too late and then arrived after the check-in was already closed, of course I haven’t actually adopted to the new security regulations and I still carry liquid bottles larger than 100ml (mainly my shampoo). I actually had checked-in already day before online but I wanted to check my luggage too … a slight problem but I happened to find a member of airline staff to do that for me still.

And for some reason the belt, which didn’t cause any kind of problem on the two previous trips now caused an alarm in the metal detector. They must have adjusted that.

Otherwise the trip was fine although quite busy. I managed to see London and surrounding areas basically only through a car window but that is how it usually goes when traveling for business purposes. The weather in UK was really great and warm, on a first day a slightly cloudy but still warm enough for a Finn who travels there from a weather about 15 Celsius degrees colder.


Today I chatted with a friend about travelling and I decided to try to calculate the destinations - I am still quite new on the travelling side so I do not have any really interesting places and I do not have many destinations yet.

But so far I have visited USA 16 times, mainly cities San Diego and San Francisco but also Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and Atlanta. I have visited China three times (only Shanghai), I have visited Russia twice (only St. Petersburg) and I have once visited Ukraine (Kiev). Those are easy … these countries either give you a stamp into your passport or they require a visa (and will stamp it) so it was easy to do the basic calculations :-)

The difficult part is to calculate the European countries, which do not give any proof … three times France, three times Germany, few times Sweden, quite many times UK. This is the part, which is extremely difficult to keep track of unless you are keeping your visits in some sort of diary … which I haven’t been doing.

And I still lack the some of the counties I would like to visit, I just have to keep going on and add countries to my list.

And by the way, I didn’t calculate cities/countries where I have only visited in the airport or very shortly without a good chance to see the city.

Snow in Easter

Snow in Easter

We received suddenly unexpected cold weather this week and on last night it snowed a little bit. The temperature is -3 Celsius degrees (26.6 Fahrenheit degrees) and it feels very cold after a warmer time. I wish Spring would really arrive soon now as you cannot just go between cold and warm weather all the time.

And guess who had scheduled time for tire change for next Tuesday? Let’s see how the weather develops.

Curse of the Golden Flower

I just finished watching Curse of the Golden Flower (满城尽带黄金甲) for the second time. The movie is a little bit complex by the plot and requires you to concentrate (or watch the movie for the several times) to get everything out of it but I think it is definitely worth it.

The movie is very rich in form of the costumes and colours and also contains some quite amazing action scenes. I highly recommend this movie. There is something fascinating in this movie, I am not totally sure what that is however.

Range Rover Sport

I wanted to test drive the Range Rover Sport - after waiting for about three weeks I was arranged this nice model with 2.7 liter turbocharged diesel engine. I must say that this is so far the best car to drive what I have experienced, the ride is very smooth and comfortable.

I was supposed to have this car for the whole weekend but on Saturday morning there was unpleasant surprise waiting for me in the parking lot. Two other cars also suffered the same and I had to take the Range Rover back as it wasn’t in the driving condition any longer. So sad that you wait for about three weeks for something and then you have only about nine hours time to actually enjoy it instead the full weekend.

Range Rover SportRange Rover SportBroken

Driving fun

Today bunch of guys from the office went to the driving school organised by Honda. It was arranged in the Nokian Tires test track nearby and offered excellent environment for some serious driving skill learning. The usual “Avoid the moose” and break on the slippery road was included and I must say that after you try to break hard on the slippery road and also steer the car and your speed is above 90 kph then it gets a little bit difficult.

We had also a nice collection of different Honda cars in there including both Civics, both Accords and CR-V. I must say that I was surprised about the CR-V, it was handling very nicely for being a SUV.

Guess who forgot to bring his camera with him? Yep, me. I brought the camera with me to the office but left it there. Silly me but of course I was driving most of the time so I wouldn’t be able to take so many photos anyway.

New Volvo

Volvo S80

I just wanted to test the new Volvo S80 for a weekend and ended up this one with D5 turbocharged diesel engine. It wasn’t the most sporty one but it was pretty nice to drive anyway.