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Snowing again

It is snowing again.

Snow again

Well, we got some snow once again. This time the ground is actually even looking white. Let’s see how long this lasts this time, I have become a little bit sceptical whether we are going to get any kind of proper winter this year. Weather forecast isn’t promising anything too good.

And of course it turned out to be slippery again - not too difficult to drive but something was reminding about the weather in the dashboard, the little yellow warning light telling me that computer is actually taking care of handling the too much sliding.

Everyone are planning their winter vacations although, it doesn’t feel like winter when it is so warm and so far (until today) we haven’t been seeing the snow but I guess it is something people are used to do at this time of the year - planning the upcoming winter vacation.

Winter is not coming

Winter is not coming after all. We are now running on the sixth day of the new year and we still cannot see much of a sign for a winter. Temperature is still quite high for this time of a year and no sign of snow.

The text messages are still not travelling between Finland and China, phone calls are back to normal now. Internet is slowly recovering, it is now possible to access some sites in China again and people in China are able to access for example Windows Live Messenger network. According to the recent reports, the recovery will take still pretty much all January. The Wikipedia has been again quite quick on getting up to day and already has an article about 2006 Hengchun earthquake and also has details about the damaged communication cables.

Happy New Year 2007!

The year is soon going to change in Finland, this year I am spending the New Year’s Eve at home and not somewhere else like last year. The weather is not actually at the moment very good, it is raining in the southern Finland but not too much in Tampere though. We still do not have any snow so the year 2007 will start quite unlike before. I cannot remember when we have had a new year starting without snow but I guess there have been similar years already earlier.

Happy New Year to every friend of mine, to my family and everyone who reads this blog. Let the year 2007 become the best year so far and make your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of my friends and anyone who reads this blog. Hopefully someone has a white Christmas as we didn’t get one for this year.

Christmas present

Christmas is almost here - only few days to go still. Office is getting quieter and quieter all the time and people are leaving for a well earned holiday.

We got some snow briefly but it is now almost melted away so we will not see any kind of white Christmas this year. The weather forecast is promising something like +5 Celsius degrees (41 Fahrenheit degrees) for the weekend and we certainly have a different Christmas this year. The winter has really started very slow but let’s see when it actually gets started.

New plane

I am going to fly onboard one of the Finnair’s new Embraer planes. Nice to test a new plane :-)

Flying again

Flying again

Aero will take me to Helsinki. A short hop in the air and we will be landing quite soon after the takeoff.



It is 7:30am and still completely dark while driving to Helsinki. Some snow would help to give us some light; hopefully there will be some snow at least for Christmas. All the snow we received melted away and we are currently experiencing some unusually warm weather. Well, I am born in November so I am used to darkness; there is something very calming in the total darkness like this.

Dancing in the mall

Dance show in the mall

The local dance school was promoting the upcoming dance competition and at the same time they were giving few dance shows to the audience in the local mall.