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Ice Hockey in Tampere

Ice Hockey

Local ice hockey game in Tampere between two local teams. Always an exciting event I guess.

Oriental beauty


Oriental beauty in details - flowers floating in the water. Those were brought to the room while it was empty. So they didn’t just bring chocolate to the room but also flowers. Very nice from them. I think this describes the culture quite much - Chinese are very detailed persons when it concerns about beautiful things. You just have to visit any park or temple and you are able to see how all the little details are very well prepared and taken care of. It is sometimes the little details, which are important and I must say that at least the gardens are very beautiful in Shanghai.

City view

In the clouds

A view from Cloud 9, a cafe on top of the Grand Hyatt.


Subway view

Subway approaching the station.



Boulevard next to the lake in the Century Park.


There was upcoming international sculpturing and gardening competition coming up pretty soon. As you can see some of those works were already ready for the competition. And some of those were almost ready.

SculpturingSculpturing - a little bit more work



Cycling during the Sunday in the Century Park. Okay, we Westerners always think that China is full of bicycles but it isn’t like that. Not at least in Shanghai. But there was plenty of bicycles for rent in Century Park and you were able to choose between tandems, ordinary bicycles and some more exotic versions such as this one, which is very perfect for couples. There was also versions for families, which would allow 4-5 people to bicycle together.

Sunshine in Shanghai

Sunny view

Well, it turned out that it also rained in Shanghai when I arrived in Saturday morning. It was quite soft rain but lasted almost all day. But after a rainy day it is suddenly very sunny and warm on Sunday. They do say that there is always a sunny day after a rainy day. Don’t they say that? Right? Anyway … nice to see Shanghai in sunny day. This photo is taken when crossing the street going in front of the hotel. Trying to get to Jing’an Temple’s subway station. It should be near :-) Actually, I remembered quite well where it was from the last year when I browsed the neighbourhood of the hotel quite well. The subway system in Shanghai is very efficient, has aircondition and is actually extremely nice way to travel inside the city. Of course the most convient way to travel is just to take a taxi as they are so cheap that you can pretty much travel to anywhere and for any distance with them. But I do like subways … :-)


Rainy weather over the river. When the evening comes then all the lights are turned on … must be quite a nice view then.

And indeed, the river view is quite amazing in the evening. A little bit different spot compared to the previous photo, actually from the opposite side of the river.

River view with rainRiver view at night