Exploring the World


A dragon

A dragon was circulating the whole temple area. You saw the head of the dragon in one place and then you were able to follow the rest of the dragon to find it’s tail.

Fish in a pond


A little bit rainy day but still very nice. Visiting the old temple in the middle of the city and found this beautiful pond in the middle of the temple and the pond was full of carps.

Immigration in China


Immigration queue in Shanghai. I guess immigration queues are always looking pretty much similar everywhere in the world. This queue actually progressed quite fast and the hall was bright and nice to wait for your turn. And isn’t it nice to see those Chinese characters? It has been almost a year since I was here last time.

In-flight AY57

A view

We are racing against the moon :-) Very nice weather and no turbulence at all.

Finnair A340

Finnair aircraft

After five and half years I am going to board Finnair’s long-haul flight. I have not been flying with them so much on purpose but this time the time schedule and the fare is just perfect for my purposes. This ex-Virgin Atlantic Airbus 340 will take me to Shanghai and is also the first A340 in Finnair’s fleet. As you can see, the weather is not very nice in Finland currently. It has been raining all day and I hope that the weather gets better when we arrive to Shanghai :-)


Well, the weather is getting a little bit colder now. And I have a terrible flu. Not very funny when your thoughts are not running as smoothly as you are used to. Have to put extra effort to remember things and trying to remember what I was doing five minutes ago.

I decided that I will skip the trip to Seattle in November. I have to put my effort in something else and cannot just fly to Seattle for that time. Last year we (a group of “crazy” people loving to fly) went to Stockholm and this trip would have been quite nice as well but well … you cannot always get what you want. I am sure the others will have very nice time there. Hopefully, it will not rain too much.

I am actually looking forward a little vacation in near future. Just keep an eye with this site and you will again see some travel photos where I am travelling.

Summer is still here

Well, I have been a little bit lazy updating my blog. Nothing special has been happening, summer is still around here and we actually haven’t received very much rain lately. Yesterday the temperature was again around 25 Celsius degrees (77 Fahrenheit degrees) and we were able to enjoy the summer still while most of the people are now starting to return to the offices and workplaces.

The latest movies I have seen is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, which is a movie containing quite simple plot but is surprisingly good. Reviewers actually didn’t like this movie but I did. It seems that most of the time I am quite different from the reviewers; I like movies, which they don’t.

Movie reviews

Latest movies I have seen during the past month.

Mission Impossible 3: Okay, definitely not the movie I would want to see again right away.

Da Vinci Code: A little bit of disappointment, from time to time a little bit boring. I think they didn’t get everything out of the story, they could have. Note: I haven’t read the book and I haven’t seen the documentaries. My friends have told me that if you have seen the documentaries then you are able to get a little bit more out of this movie.

Poseidon: Hmmm, confusing. The action started right away without too much details about the people on board. Then we saw different action scenes until the end. And they missed some of the moments when there would have been an opportunity for emotional scene (aka Titanic).

16 Blocks: Very good, quite dark but still a little bit hopeful. Maybe people can change? Definitely worth to watch.