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A view to Tallinn

I was cruising to Tallinn, Estonia with brand new cruising ship, M/S Galaxy owned and operated by Tallink. In this photo, we are just arriving to Tallinn, we actually visited the city next morning. The evening and the night was spent on board.

Fire in Tampere


There was quite a big fire in Lielahti area when one of the furniture shops burned down.


New cafe

Tampere has a new cafe - Italian style.

Full moon

Full moon

Full moon over the Tampere Pyynikki. Camera phone cannot just quite get the feeling with this kind of light.

Visitor in Tampere

President Bill Clinton visited very briefly Tampere. As you can see there was quite many people watching him arriving and he even got out of his car to meet the people.

Visitor in TampereVisitor in TampereVisitor in TampereVisitor in Tampere

Summer is here?


Some sangria with my friends. Very warm and nice feeling of summer.


Sunny day

I am enjoying the sunny day.


Bath duck

Of course all the decent hotels will provide a bath duck for your pleasure :-)

Nightlife in Helsinki

Hotel room view

After arriving back to Finland it was time to go to Helsinki. I was going to meet a friend and we were going to see what kind of night life Helsinki has to offer. Our main interest was the new nightclub called Lux. The following photo is from my hotel room, I decided to test Hotel Kämp. Sometimes you find an offer, which you cannot resist.

Airport view

Airport view

Travelling back to home. This is a view from the airplane, waiting the boarding to be completed so we can fly from Vienna to Copenhagen.