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Shopping in the local mall. I didn’t although buy anything from Burberry and especially nothing related to women’s shoes :-)

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is located very near of Atlanta ja has some really relaxing environment.

Stone mountainStone mountain

SK945 - once again


SK945 - my home for the next hours. SK945 has become my usual flight to the USA - and once again, it will be my flight. You can see the aircraft waiting us, boarding will start in few minutes.

Here we go again.

Traditional photo

And the traditional photo before boarding. They are de-icing the aircraft at this moment. Soon we will be able to board the plane. And at that moment, my next voyage to the USA will begin.



Last coffee before flying tomorrow.

Traffic jam in Finland?

Traffic jam

Indeed. It is possible to see American style traffic jams in Finland as well. At least when it is snowing :-)

Cold ...

It has been quite cold again this week. It started to get colder during the last weekend and now it is again slowly getting warmer. Well, I guess it is winter time in Finland :-)

I am trying to think the next travel destination but it hasn’t been so easy task while trying to be busy in the work. It would be nice to visit New York again but some other destination could be also good idea.

Back in Finland

Back in Finland

Tampere-Pirkkala airport. Time to find the car under the snow.

Back in London

Virgin Atlantic - Tinker Belle

Tinker Belle standing on a remote stand. For some reason we arrived at the remote gate and had to take the bus to the terminal. But the flight was just perfect. A true luxury experience.