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Surprise in Copenhagen

You know the Welcome Text Messages, which are sent by the operators when you start roaming with them for the first time? I was quite surpised when I received this in Copenhagen airport:

Welcome to Telia. You can call 00 358 800 1 7000 for customer service in Sonera. Enjoy your stay in Sweden!

I certainly hoped I was actually in Denmark and not in Sweden. :-)

Nothing better than the first flight in the morning

First flight

Here we go again. My next getaway vacation has started. Sorry about the photo quality … it seems to be that these conditions are not perfect for the camera phone. Well, anyway, I am once again in a airplane, which makes me happy.

After the Christmas

Well, tomorrow at this time I will be in London. My Christmas vacation will be ongoing at that time and I am spending one day in London before continuing to San Francisco. I am really looking forward on that. :-)

Just keep watching this space for updates. As usual, I will be blogging on the road and give you updates what is happening during my travel. I can promise at least a new experience from an airline I haven’t tried yet.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Christmas time in Finland and all over the world! Merry Christmas and Seasons greetings to everyone.

First post for the new domain

This is my new domain and new web site. It was rather difficult process to find a good unregistered domain but finally I found it.

New beginning in my private life and also new domain - logical isn’t it? Private life got the new direction quite much earlier and now it was time to change online direction.

Adventure over!

Everything went pretty well, there was of course the typical mandatory delays related to technical problems etc. but I didn’t miss any flights this time and no major delays at all.

Coming back home ...

Sometimes the fun has to stop and you have to come back home. I am currently again in business class travelling somewhere over the Russia. Everything is quiet, most of the people are sleeping and lunch was already served long time ago.

According to the map, we are currently near Novosibirsk.