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Another view on Airbus 380

I was pretty excited about flying with Airbus 380 for the first time in my life. So, when I was coming back to Europe, I was also trying to get new photos about this airplane.

Airbus 380Airbus 380

Seafood in Jiaonan

While continuing on catching up what else happened on our latest trip to China, I also found my photos about one hotpot dinner with lots of seafood.


Beer museum

When you are visiting Qingdao area, you basically need to visit Tsingtao beer museum. Great history and very nice tour showing you how beer is made. You get to taste it also. :-) After the tour, you are already in the most famous restaurant street in Qingdao so you don’t have to think twice where to eat. And at the same time while enjoying your lunch or dinner, you can try local specialty, beer made from seaweed.

Seaweed beerBeer museumBeer museum

Weddings and noise

When there is a wedding in China, there is always firecrackers and everything. And that means quite a noise too. And when you have two places next to you and both have two or three wedding groups at the same time - it is a BIG noise. :-)

English translation

English text

Can you guess what this box contains? And do not cheat by reading the Chinese version.

Local grocery shop

Grocery shop

Yesterday I also was able to see and experience some very local grocery shopping. Conveniently you have several shops just around the corner and next to each other - so if one’s price level, quality or selection isn’t satisfactory, then just walk to next one.

A bit of pollution


Yesterday the weather was a bit hazy, according to Fangfang it is mainly caused by the certain direction of winds and the pollution levels in the area. Progress doesn’t come without a price, I guess.

At the park in the evening

We went to see what happens at the park when it gets a bit darker and temperature isn’t that high any longer. In one corner there is dancing, in another corner badminton and taiji. Definitely not a park like in Finland.



For Chinese food culture, fruits are very important part of it. You need to have different kinds of fruits available all the time. And it is very nice part of the food culture because nearly everything is fresh and most of them are locally grown. Here is a nice selection of fresh (same-day) watermelons, two kinds of cherries and apricots. Together with dried jujube.

Tiny sea snails

Tiny sea snails

I didn’t know that one can eat these small sea snails as well, always thought that only some bigger species are good for eating but I learned something new. Very delicious.