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My ride back to Europe.

Flight level 350

Here we go, Ural is almost under us currently. Dinner has been served and cabin lights have been turned off. It is time either to go to sleep or watch the movies.

Shortly experiences so far: Blue1 to Stockholm, excellent breakfast. SAS to Oslo, quite nice flight but nothing except tea/coffee free of charge. SAS to Copenhagen, delayed and the same service level with flight to Oslo. SAS to Shanghai, excellent service as usual in the SAS Business class.



A view from lounge window. Below is the main area of the terminal.

A little bit background information

So my newest idea is to fly the following route in the next four days: TMP-ARN-OSL-CPH-PVG-CPH-OSL-ARN-TMP. I am currently in Stockholm and waiting for boarding to be started for Oslo flight. If I have calculated correctly in the next four days I will be out of the airports and aircrafts only about 36 hours. The rest of the time I will be spending in airports or inside aircrafts. Should be quite fun. :-)

Why? Because it is possible, because of very nice pricing of the tickets, because it is something different and because it is going to be fun!

If everything goes as planned and I will find more time and Internet, next update will come from Oslo, then from Copenhagen and then hopefully from SAS aircraft flying to Shanghai. Let’s see how this goes.

Here we go

First aircraft for today

First aircraft waiting. I will be seeing many different ones today.

Winter fun

Cold night and car windows

Winter is coming. First cold night and everything is frozen.