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And so it begins … first snow is falling from the sky.

Sky Captain

Yesterday I watched Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow and it was very good film. I especially liked the 1930’s look and feel. The whole color scheme was looking just like old 1930’s films. The movie provided very good plot and very good jokes. Go see it if you haven’t already!


Started to use my newest mobile phone for blogging … after a little bit work I managed to tweak WordPress to allow photos to be submitted via mobile phone. The previous post with a photo was submitted as a MMS from my mobile phone.

Winter coming slowly


Winter is coming very slowly. Last night it was again freezing. Sun is shining currently. I wonder when we will see snow?

Saturday night

Today’s saldo: grocery shopping, dinner at American Diner, movie (The Terminal). The movie was actually surprisingly good, of course you have to forget some details; such as that JFK is not so cool airport after all … but if we forget those details and some others, then we can say that The Terminal was very good movie.

Tomorrow? Probably Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow. :-)

Weather? Glad you asked … it is raining again and I just managed to wash my car. :-(

BTW, what is the deal with TV these days? Why there is nothing to watch on Saturday nights?